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The Trent Process Map – understanding the full system

We examine what works and what needs development, so you have a smooth-running business that is responding to enquiries promptly and professionally.

We will analyse your current Customer, Processes and Software systems, suggest solutions you can take away to implement yourself or we work with you to establish.

If you do not currently have a system or process in place and feel you are going round in circles then this service is ideal for sole traders who are ready to scale up but don’t yet have the systems in place to hand over to their new team.

Coordinating your operations, people, systems, metrics, and finances, we are passionate to see your business run smoothly and easily, giving you consistency and scalability.

Walk away with your operations clearly mapped out and ready to action, this 12-week process will assess, evaluate, review, implement, and help you maintain all the processes in your business. We spend time working with you to transition to and establish your new business processes.

The Customer

The Customer Journey –  Putting the customer first we assess the customer journey through a business making sure you are making it easy for customers to do business with you.

Prospect Contact Management – Responsive actioning of the constant contact of emails, calls and messages.

From first contact through to invoicing, maximise your opportunities by plotting the touch points to give clients a positive customer experience.

Processes & Workflows

Who does what, when, where, how and why?

Analysing current systems to plot out our business processes, building professionalism, consistency, and scalability to the business.

Software & Systems

Using our ever-growing experience of popular and specific software systems we help find the right system for you. We are currently using or have experience 0of the following systems and software. There are always new apps to explore, just let us know anything specific.

Operating systems – Microsoft Office 365, Google

Productivity – Clickup, Trello, Planner, Jobber, ServiceM8

Diary & Time Management –  Calendly, Acuity, Appointlet, Timeular

CRM – Capsule, HubSpot, Pipedrive

Document management – Dropbox, DocuSign, HelloSign, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey


Why work with Trent BPM?

We help you to run a smarter, better, business with proven processes bringing you efficiencies and productivity, resulting in less stress for both business owners and teams.

How do you access our data and systems securely?

We take data security very seriously and at Trent VA we are registered with the ICO as data processors. We also use secure methods of password sharing meaning we can log into systems remotely without even seeing your login details.

I’m not sure you’ll understand our industry.

Our clients spend 90% of their contract working with one dedicated team member. This way we gain a deeper understanding of the business as we learn the ropes just as an employee would. If you haven’t already check out our testimonials take a look to see what our clients say. 

Will there be a formal agreement?

Yes, so we clarify what tasks are being done and how we will issue a contract. This helps both sides understand the work agreed, and that it also covers the legal stuff around GDPR and IR35.


Our contracts include a confidentiality clause whereby all work is handled in strict confidence. They also cover copyright.

Will I be locked into the contract when I sign? If not, how long do they last?

The contract for the 12-week Trent Process Map is for 3 months only. After that, we will review your requirements.

When will my work get done?

This very much depends on the work requested. We aim to process work within agreed timescales using our professional skills to complete tasks as required. Yes, that can sometimes mean we work odd hours, but that is our choice.

When will the work start?

As soon as the contract is signed, we will start onboarding your work. We use secure online signature systems to complete this and no work will start until signed contracts are in place.

What happens if there is an error in the work?

We always ask that clients check work, any errors by us will be redone asap, if it’s something that got missed in the instructions then we will add this to the work rota.

When and How do I pay?

Payment for the Trent Process Map is split in 3 equal monthly instalments. The first instalment being made on booking and then every 4 weeks for the next 2 months. Ongoing operational VA support will be billed on retainer as normal.

How do cancel my services?

We ask for 1 months written notice for all cancellations, if the retainer is cancelled mid-month a pro rata figure will be agreed.