We help you to run a smarter, better, business

Proven processes bringing you efficiencies and productivity, resulting in less stress for both business owners and teams

If you are a business owner looking to utilise systems for a more predictable and consistent business, as opposed to the daily ‘reactionary’ work cycle, Trent BPM is here to help you take control of your business with effective processes and workflows, giving your productivity a constructive boost.


Our simplified processes and workflows have shown that by streamlining your operations they can give you higher profit earning potential through better efficiencies.

More freedom
and less stress

Our proven processes and workflows will free up your time from daily time-consuming tasks. Releasing you from the day-to day grind and giving you confidence your business can run without your constant input.

Help your
business grow

Our operational workflows and structured processes help give you consistency in your business to let you establish clarity, expand the team, regain valuable time, reduce your time in business, become scalable and grow, helping you to build a more valuable business.

If you dream of having an effective streamlined business, get in touch

The Trent BPM team is here to help you transform and organise your business, bringing you efficiencies that can help increase revenue, realise more achievable profits, deliver more freedom, resulting in less stress for both business owners and your teams.

See who we have helped

“Sheona and the team at Trent BPM helped me to simplify a lot of my regular day-to-day tasks, giving me more time to work on the business, rather than in it.

It also meant my team were able to carry out their duties better, leaving me more time to grow the business.”

P. Taylor
Director of an brickwork sub-contractor

“The team at Trent BPM were really thorough when looking at our business and the processes required to help scale it. They provided a clear roadmap with regard to our new workflows.

As a result of working with Trent BPM we are a more profitable business, as well as increased turnover forecast for the the year.

The Trent BPM team are approachable and help me to uncover opportunities with their positive mindset.”

S. Davies
Managing Director of an interior consultants

“Turnover and profits are up, my stress levels have reduced massively, and now there is a clear roadmap in place for my business to carry on growing.

Before I worked with Trent BPM I worked 70+ hours a week, I was in a constant state of stress, and parts of my business were losing money due to inefficiency.

Now, Sheona and the rest of the team at Trent BPM has helped get rid of at least 35% of my daily workload, helping me to focus on growing the business and making it more profitable.”

M. Williams
Director of facilities management company

Why work with Trent BPM?

Running a sub-contractor business poses many challenges. You may be on site for carrying out work; responsible for organising your team; organising workloads and project timescales; chasing payments and overdue invoices; and in between all of the day-to-day activities, trying to grow your business.

Sheona White, Director of Trent BPM, comments,

“There are lots of business owners out there who are overwhelmed and frustrated with inconsistent revenue patterns. Our job is to help these businesses integrate scalable processes and workflows so the owners can take control.

Ultimately they gain freedom from their business but confident in the knowledge their business is running without their constant input.”